How We Partner

At Syndeca®, we work well with others – whether partnering with an agency of record, ensuring compatibility with other platforms, or integrating with e-commerce systems. We have partnered with numerous agencies on new experiences for their clients, and our platform is designed to work in concert with other technologies and systems to connect, interact, and provide custom solutions.


We love to collaborate. We’ve been partnering with top design and ad agencies for over ten years to serve their client needs. We enjoy working with Critical Mass, Schawk!, FCB, Y&R, FireStation, Federated Media, Social Chorus, and Ryan Partnership.


Our team does all the heavy lifting of an integration, leaving your IT / Tech team focused on their other important initiatives. We seamlessly integrate with virtually any e-commerce platform, including custom solutions, Demandware, Magento, GSI Commerce, Fanatics, WebSphere, Oracle Commerce, Big Commerce, ATG, Fry, and Orkestra.


Analytics can offer insight on how to maximize the results of any program. We put a high priority on making sure it’s easy to get data in the form that works best for you. Syndeca features robust tracking and analytics across all channels, and gives realtime insight through a rich reporting dashboard. In addition, we integrate with Omniture, Google Analytics, and Coremetrics to ensure existing visitor source, campaign and revenue tracking remains available in your current systems.


We make friends easily. With seamless social sharing baked into the platform at the lowest levels — virtually all content, including pages, products and videos can all be shared via email, SMS and to social networks. Syndeca is specifically engineered for social amplification via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Delicious, Orkut, Tumblr, Tagged, LinkedIn, Bebo, Flickr, ShopYourWay, with streamlined hooks to add virtually any network quickly.


We get along well with other platforms, too. We can provide open APIs and SDKs to easily build upon our existing infrastructure, as well as offer specialty integrations to take advantage of your existing systems, third-party providers and partners. Whether you are using BrightCove, Akamai, AWS, LimeLight, Olapic, Bazaarvoice, or other platforms — we make integration easy.