Cost-Effective And Easy-To-Implement Digital Catalog Marketing Strategies

Digital Catalog Marketing Strategies

Having compelling digital catalogs is only useful if your customers can find them. Your digital catalog marketing strategies can benefit from leveraging these cost-effective ideas. Increase your web catalog use as well as drive native app downloads and adoption to strengthen your digital program online. While marketing across brand channels, a comprehensive strategy is highly recommended.

Digital Catalog Marketing Strategies

Website exposure – tips for homepage, landing pages and footer navigation placement

Push notifications – for your most loyal customers>

Email – one of the most impactful strategies, segment as needed

Print catalogs / lookbooks – messaging and QR codes

Video – auto-streaming and even shoppable

Smart banners – encourage customers to use native when available

Social – see it and share it on Facebook and Twitter

Press releases – perfect to seasonal launches and partnerships

Mobile install ads – tap into customers wherever they are

Retail –inspire shoppers in-store


Our tips for marketing your digital catalog and lookbooks include:

ChannelNative Apps iOS/AndroidResponsive HTML5Facebook
Website Exposure
Homepage: Provide a callout or banner to shop the catalog. If promoting a native app, drive users to the App store from a CTA button or content block on your homepage

Landing Page: Create a dedicated page on your website highlighting your digital catalog. If you’re promoting your native app, callout the app’s features and functionality and link to the App store for easy download

Footer: Include a link to your digital program and native app in the persistent footer of your website
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Push Notifications
Broadcast new content, promotions and events to your existing app users who opted in
Generate dedicated emails to market the launch of your native apps, digital catalog/lookbook, or new seasonal content

TIP: This is proven to be highly effective, generating 2-6x the usual weekly downloads. Even better: tie in a promotional event to the email campaign
           X           X         X
Print Catalog/Lookbook
Messaging: Promote your native apps and digital versions of your catalogs/lookbooks in prominent locations, such as the back cover or inside front cover.
For added incentive, tout the digital version as having more brand content and product offering.

QR codes: Utilizing image-recognition on print catalogs or direct marketing collateral by linking to the app in App stores or your Facebook catalog viewers is a great way to convert users from print to digital
           X           X         X
Develop a video highlighting features and functionality to market your native apps or digital catalogs/lookbooks and promote on your website via email and social media
           X           X
Smart Banners
Install a standard Apple Smart Banner to promote your app to users who view your site from mobile browsers

These banners link users to open the app (if already installed on their device) or download the app from the App store

Promote your catalog on your social channels with links to your Facebook viewer “See it on social first” promotions can offer exclusive previews of your latest catalog or lookbook before your content is released in the App Store or on your website

TIP: Similar to email blasts, this is most effective if there is a sense of urgency associated with the message, such as "Get FREE SHIPPING for 2 more days!”
          X           X         X
Press Releases
Get the word out that your catalogs or lookbooks are available digitally
Promote the various benefits of your digital program (extended content, sneak peeks, specials, etc...) and share customer ratings and reviews on native apps
          X                        X                     X
Mobile Install Ads
Prompt Twitter and Facebook users to install or rediscover your app through installation ads
Leverage your brick and mortar by applying QR codes to store windows, POS and display signage
           X           X         X

In conclusion, continue to experiment with creative ways to reach to your customer. Keep in mind that a combination of various marketing efforts will probably do the trick.


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