Go global.

Reach customers in every country and language.

Syndeca’s flexible multi-channel platform allows your brand to reach across the globe in any language, reaching new and existing customers everywhere. A single platform and universal app makes development, support and content management simple and easy to deploy. Advanced options include central or individual foreign market content management, localized social sharing with regional, relevant share partners, and seamless e-commerce integrations supporting localized product information and currency.

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E-commerce, M-commerce, and global marketing—a growing opportunity.

Globally, 80% of consumers use computers to access the Web within the previous seven days of purchase. 60% use their mobile devices to do so.

Source: Google and the Mobile Marketing Association Survey

Syndeca® extends your brand worldwide.

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Localization, unleashed.

Leverage your brand content everywhere, in any country, and every language. Users can enjoy a seamless experience with content that’s as familiar as their native tongue.

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Easy management.

Offering your content across multiple languages is easy with the Syndeca platform. A unified system allows for centralized management, updates and support. Or put control in the hands of the international markets, allowing for localized management of each locale’s content.

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Smart social.

The top social sites vary from country to country, and to make the most of social channels, your sharing buttons should change accordingly. Syndeca’s social sharing features can be customized to reflect the most popular sharing sites for that country or region.

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Localized product information and currency.

Product details and pricing may need to change by country, and with Syndeca, it can. You can choose centralized or localized management of content, allowing for product information changes between countries. Currency can be customized with accurate pricing conversions at every level.

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Fully supported.

Syndeca works seamlessly across responsive HTML5, native iOS, Android, and Facebook channels—and supports each country’s unique App store requirements and capabilities.

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Data driven.

Syndeca easily supports localized product data from your API. And, our platform has the flexibility to maintain distinct data sets and content versions by locale (location + language preference), which can be important for countries with regional language and culture differences.