Maximizing Your Digital Catalog Program

maximizing your digital catalog strategy

Whether you’re producing a digital catalog, lookbook, magazine, or style guide, enhance the user experience simply by optimizing your publications. Here are seven tips that require little effort from your creative team, but have a big impact on your consumer. Start maximizing your digital catalog strategy today!

Tip #1: Keep single pages in mind

When designing your catalog, make sure the pages make sense as full (two-page) spreads as well as single pages. This way, when they are displayed on smaller devices (phones, tablets) then work equally well creatively. This will provide the optimal experience on mobile, while keeping the core assets the same as print.

With that in mind, avoid placing copy and headlines across the ‘gutter’ (span both pages), as well as centering large images on the spread.

Tip #2: Don’t sweat the small stuff

Tiny type? Footnotes? It might make sense in print, but when you’re prepping the electronic files, turn these layers off and allow the digital experience to shine.

Don’t worry, you can still make this information accessible by displaying it in product tooltips and light-boxes, which will be optimized for each device and screen size for maximum legibility.

Tip #3: Forget the page numbers

Since digital experiences have a built-in ‘table of contents,’ page numbers (or ‘folios’ as they are sometimes called) on spread creatives are rendered obsolete.

The beauty of ‘table of contents’ is that it allows users to scroll through spreads and jump to any page with a simple click or touch.

Tip #4: Expand the content

Your customers are hungry for brand content, and implementing digital editions of your print campaigns allows you to showcase as much content as you have available.

Since there is little-to-no cost associated for increased page counts, digital editions allow you to take advantage of unlimited space — so incorporate out-takes, editorial photography and video. Blow up a single item on a page. Tell a behind-the-scenes story. Profile your designers or manufacturers to put a face behind the brand.

Tip #5: Link to external pages

Tagging your digital content with links to external pages is a great way to drive traffic to special brand initiatives and promotions, such as sweepstakes, loyalty programs, private label credit cards, Facebook or other social media pages. This functionality requires no added marketing cost while providing more ways for your customers to engage with your brand.

Tip #6: Redesign the back cover

With digital experiences, you’re not limited by manufacturing and postage costs in determining the page count. So go crazy and showcase everything you can’t afford to do with your printed campaigns.

The typical ‘no print area’ and other postal-related requirements on the back cover of your publication is not relevant, so you can optimize the entire page dimensions with dramatic photography and more merchandise.

Tip #7: Make it stream

Do you have product videos? How about the behind-the-scenes video from your recent photo shoot? New campaign going live on YouTube? A sure-fire way to increase brand engagement and video views is to leverage your video assets in your digital catalogs or lookbooks. You can even create an entire publication of video-only content — think pop-up videos, on-page videos, and auto-play — let your imagination run wild!

The best part? With HTTPLIVE streaming on all devices, your videos have never looked better — allowing you to detect your customer’s device, resolution and connection speed and to serve up the best video format just for them.

Do you have any other tips for brands creating rich shoppable catalogs, lookbooks or online publications? If so, please share them with us and we’ll feature them in our next digital program post!

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