Native Apps versus HTML5 Apps

If you’re ever looking for a sure way to start a flame war with your colleagues, then gather them together and ask their opinion on the pros and cons of a Native app versus a HTML5 app.

A Native app, without a doubt, is going to provide the best possible user experience. The downsides typically associated with native apps — higher costs, more complex development, longer lead times — are no longer an issue. HTML5, on the other hand, can support all devices and platforms with a single application, and it can integrate seamlessly with your existing site. Additionally, your customers can access the content on their desktops without the need to download anything.

Enter, Syndeca. When it comes to the number of ways for customers to engage with your brand, we believe there’s no such thing as too many. That’s because each channel serves a different purpose. Since it’s inception, our platform has provided brands and retailers the ability to create rich content once and syndicate it everywhere without any additional effort. With a single production process, creative assets and data to all channels and devices can be leveraged simultaneously. And because Syndeca provides both fully native apps and rich HTML5 experiences, you no longer have to choose one or the other for your business.

Benefits of Native Apps

Customers spend more time and dollars because it’s their preferred channel

Faster graphics, content and performance

Better user experience and aesthetics

Generates loyalty with easy home screen access and push notifications

Increases your brand presence with distribution through Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon

Benefits of HTML5

Improves reach across virtually all devices and platforms

Frictionless access without downloads

Greater discoverability through email, display and social marketing

Cost effective deployment across channels

Seamless integration with existing brand properties

Brands that support multiple channels — including web, mobile, social media and in-store — retain more than twice as many customers as those who focus only on a single channel. With Syndeca, gone are the days of having to “pick a lane” for your digital content. Native apps and HTML5 each have their unique benefits, so why not take advantage of both?

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