App Stores

Increase brand exposure on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

Open new distribution channels by launching in the app stores – including the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire Store. These native app marketplaces allow smartphone and tablet users to discover your brand through your unique app, and become immediately engaged through a seamless, dynamic interface. You’ll extend your brand’s reach, gain access to new audiences, and delight users with a next-level customer experience.

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Apple App Store

Visibility on the Apple App store is an essential part of your mobile commerce plan. Syndeca delivers exceptional shopping and brand app experiences optimized for all Apple devices, so you can reach this valuable demographic however they choose to shop.

Apple customers account for 89% of Mobile Commerce Sales.

Source: SeeWhy survey, 2013
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Google Play Store

Google Play is the top app store destination for Android phone and tablet users. Syndeca ensures your brand offers an exceptional user experience to the Android market.

Android phones represent 80% of smartphone market share.

Source: IDC, 2014
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Amazon App Store

The Amazon App Store represents a great opportunity for your brand’s visibility because it is less crowded with competition. Syndeca helps you provide shopping and brand app access to Kindle Fire users, as well as users of the new Amazon Fire phone, which some analysts say is specifically designed to encourage mobile shopping.

Source: ZDNet, 2014

While the iOS app store has well over 800,000 active apps and Google Play sports more than 600,000, the Amazon app store has only about 75,000.

Source: Venturebeat, 2013

Clients using Syndeca for their App Stores solution include:

  • Alternative
  • Arhaus