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Super-sonic Image Recognition for retail: From scan to shop in less than a second.

Syndeca’s visual search technology “Scan & Shop” lets your consumers point their device at any image or item and shop it in a fraction of a second. Activate your advertising, look books, catalogs, coupons—even your products themselves—and give your customers the absolute easiest path to purchase. In addition to shopping, users can view detailed product information, videos, links, and share via text, email and social channels.

150x faster means less
waiting, more buying.

Customers can scan any media with images of your products—billboards, magazine ads, barcodes, signage, catalogs, look books and receive complete results in less than a second.

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More complete results.

Syndeca’s visual search technology not only provides customers with products they can add to their cart instantly, but also serves up robust results that feature items within the print or digital publication including videos, social content, editorial, reviews, links and more.


Syndeca’s technology takes the guesswork out of matching products and items on the page. Fast, accurate results delight customers and drive purchase.

Easy integrations.

Get full-featured native applications, or seamless SDKs to add Scan & Shop to your existing apps. To enable shopping, Syndeca Platform offers seamless, proven integrations with all major eCommerce platforms, including Demandware, Magento, ATG and more, allowing web and marketing teams to integrate in a matter of hours, without writing a single line of code.

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