Sell more with seriously shoppable media.

Syndeca makes it easy for your consumers to buy the products they see and love.

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Why do leading brands and retailers use Syndeca to create, distribute, and monetize visual content? Our platform amplifies engagement and conversion in every channel by simplifying the path from inspiration to purchase.

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Apps for Any Channel

Enrich experiences for every device and channel, including the web, social and native apps.

Made to Measure

Detailed tracking and analytics for every asset, audience, and platform provide valuable insights and inform improvements.

Super Simple Setup

Our easy to use SaaS platform integrates with all ecommerce platforms, content management systems and analytics tools without coding or IT resources.

Built-in Social

Sharality, our integrated social sharing platform makes every image viral-ready with one-click-sharing.

Great Support

Our intuitive SaaS platform makes it a cinch to create and publish content, or opt to let our highly trained concierge service do it for you.

Complete Solution

Deliver rich shopping experiences across channels — using just a one platform and production process.

The Nordstrom omni-channel digital catalog program, powered by Syndeca

Trusted by Leading Brands and Retailers

The Syndeca® platform delivers strong results for a wide variety of industry leading brands.

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What makes Syndeca a standout solution.

Content Optimized for Any Channel

Beautiful hi-res images. Instant streaming video. Rich, up-to-date product information. Syndeca’s robust content optimization ensures that when your customers connect, they have a great user experience, every time. We constantly optimize our platform and client applications to work seamlessly with new technologies, browsers, devices, app store changes, and social sites — so your app experience never disappoints.

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Impressive results

More conversions. Higher AOVs. Increased loyalty. Across the board, our solution delivers real results—which is why our customers rely on us to deepen customer engagement, year after year.

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Service to Fit Your Needs

We believe that every interaction with your brand can be a chance to win or lose a customer. That’s why we focus on performance and flexibility, in our platform and in our client offerings. Take complete control of your digital content with our simple online console, or rely on us for a full range of services—whatever works best for your bandwidth and budget. Our services include Strategy, Creative, Content Optimization, Production Services, Quality Assurance, and Enterprise Support.

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A Proven Track Record

Founded in 2001, our unique approach and advanced platform reflect nearly 15 years of continuous innovation. Our clients count on us for long-term relationships and world-class support.

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Flexibility Without Constraints

Elevate your brand with a completely customized online experience. We take a ground-up approach to design and implementation for a bespoke solution that reflects your image.

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Results in Real Time

Get real time access to the data that drives your business. See results with clarity and context in our streamlined interface, or integrated within your existing tracking and analytics systems.

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Instantly shoppable

Every image scanned, viewed, or searched through our platform is synchronized with live content from your back-end systems. Your products, promotions and availability are instantly updated for a consistent shopping experience every time. We provide deep integration with virtually all e-commerce platforms–including Demandware, Magento, and custom solutions.

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Social Sensibility

Our deeply integrated social sharing capabilities allow users to quickly share your content, products and promotions with one click. With built-in tracking and analytics, you can see exactly how your presence is amplified, and how much traffic is generated from social channels.

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Native Apps + HTML5 = maximum reach.


  • Consumers prefer apps on touch devices and spend more time and dollars
  • Faster graphics, content and performance
  • Better user experience and aesthetics
  • Generates loyalty with easy home screen access and push notifications
  • Increase brand presence with distribution through Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon


  • Improved reach across virtually all devices and platforms
  • Frictionless access without downloads
  • Greater discoverability through email, display and social marketing
  • Cost effective deployment across channels
  • Seamless integration with existing brand properties

Some companies choose between a native app or HTML5. Both have unique benefits. But consumers decide if, when and how they’ll engage. Increase access, and consumption climbs. Syndeca’s flexible platform allows businesses to reap the benefits of all channels, and attract more customers with a single integration and production process.