6 Brands That are Crushing It With Shoppable Lookbooks

Lookbooks have taken the e-commerce world by storm, and it's no wonder why. They've become a powerful medium for creating captivating customer journeys, enticing shoppers to connect with products on a deeper level and providing a direct path to purchase. Brands are increasingly recognizing that to truly inspire purchase, they need to harness the potential of editorial content by using lifestyle photography and video to elevate engagement, conversion rates, and average order value (AOV).

What Makes Lookbooks So Captivating

Lookbooks empower brands to delight customers by providing visually rich shopping experiences that reflect a brand's lifestyle and persona. They authentically build the brand while enabling customers to explore products they (will) love. 

Digital lookbooks now offer brands and retailers unparalleled versatility and functionality like long-form scrolling that keeps users engaged, inspired by the scrolling habits fostered by platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

With limitless featured products and the right platform, brands can showcase everything from videos to shareable images and pop-up editorial content—all with a direct path to purchase without leaving the page.By integrating your lookbooks with 1-click shopping directly from your lifestyle content, you can deliver a more intuitive (and enjoyable) experience for your shoppers. When you then start to add video and mobile-optimized layouts, such as vertical scroll (no swiping required), and hot-spot indicators, your lookbooks, catalogs, and webpages drive desire to purchase.

Let's dive into six brands whose shoppable lookbooks are delivering on customer-oriented innovation and explore what makes them stand out.

1. White House Black Market

White House Black Market seamlessly blends a stunning fall catalog with a shoppable lookbook. With a minimalist approach that prioritizes product displays over text and borders, shoppers are treated to an uncluttered visual experience. Integrated tooltips and quickviews bring products to life, allowing for instant 1-click additions to the shopping bag. It's a sleek and chic customer journey that ties everything together seamlessly.

2. Joybird

Joybird's approach to shoppable lookbooks is nothing short of extraordinary. Their shoppable experience is a testament to the brand's commitment to providing customers with a unique journey through their world of furniture and decor. Each lookbook effortlessly blends style, comfort, and functionality, allowing customers to not only visualize, but also interact, with the pieces that resonate with them. Their Barbie collection was no exception.

3. Mignon Faget

Leading jewelry brand Mignon Faget takes an explorative, non-linear approach to its shoppable lookbooks. By showcasing their jewelry with various outfits across multiple pages and apps, they offer customers a preview of different jewelry sets in diverse settings. Hover-over tagged products, detailed quickviews, and seamless in-page shopping make the experience hassle-free, reducing the steps required for customers to explore and purchase.


At SOMA, shoppable lookbooks take on a whole new dimension. Known for their exquisite lingerie and loungewear collections, SOMA's lookbooks exude elegance and sophistication. With features like hotspots, videos, and product quick-views, SOMA's customers are inspired to see more and shop more. Each page is a visual treat, offering a glimpse into the art of lingerie and the beauty behind femine power.

5. Johnnie-O

Johnnie-O's shoppable lookbooks are a masterclass in capturing the essence of the California lifestyle. Johnnie-O's lookbooks resonate with those who seek both style and adventure and invite customers to explore a world of effortless fashion.  Each of their lookbooks create immersive digital experiences that showcase their products and brand story in a visually stunning way. With features like shoppable hotspots and shoppable videos, customers can easily browse and purchase products directly from Johnnie-O's digital lookbooks. This not only improves the customer experience, but also helps drive sales and increase revenue for the brand.

6. Noonday Collection

Noonday Collection takes shoppable lookbooks to a global scale. Known for their ethically sourced and artisan-crafted jewelry and accessories, Noonday's lookbooks transport customers to far-flung corners of the world. Each page tells a story of empowerment, highlighting the impact of conscious consumerism. Customers get to embark on a journey where fashion meets purpose, making every piece not just a style statement but also a statement of solidarity.

How to Create Your Ultimate Lookbook

The choice of software partner for creating digital lookbooks can significantly impact the final product's visual appeal, functionality, and maintenance. There are several ways to create a lookbook, including using lookbook software, converting a print lookbook into a digital format, or building an experience from scratch using traditional design and programming methods. In order to offer the best experience and reduce costs, we recommend using a purpose-built lookbook platform such as Syndeca. In fact, one luxury retailer partnering with Syndeca saw a remarkable 200% lift in AOV, 86% increase in conversion, and a decrease of 64% fewer bounces.

There are alternative options, but Syndeca-powered lookbooks stand out for their ability to be customized to meet brand requirements, deliver instant load times, and offer a seamless shopping experience. Unlike many other solutions, they don't require expensive development work for integration or lookbook creation. Use the  programs you already know and love, like Adobe® Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign. Output a PDF and upload that to Syndeca to get started. Once your catalog is uploaded, Syndeca allows you to quickly tag your content, with info, links, and shoppable product hotspots. With Syndeca's powerful analytics and reporting tools, you can also gain valuable insights into your customers’ behavior and preferences, allowing you and your team to optimize their digital strategy and improve the overall customer experience.

Hope you are now inspired to unleash your creative freedom and create your own captivating, shoppable lookbook. We look forward to shopping with you!

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