The Value of Shoppable Content


Nordstrom's digital catalog

Nordstrom’s digital catalog


Retail advertising is an ancient art. Its history is full of tactics that link content to commerce. Back in the time of Babylonian seaports, merchants hired barkers to announce the arrival of their goods. In ancient Pompeii, merchants would use painted signs to announce products and goods. Fast forward to 2017: Successful retailers are using newer tactics like Shoppable Content.

Imagine an effortless shopping experience for your customers. Then accelerate the path to purchase with shoppable content. From digital catalogs and lookbooks to Instagram and video; retailers are leveraging multiple content channels to direct consumers to purchase.

You’re probably wondering if your brand can leverage shoppable content, right? Keep reading to find out how your brand can create a rich experience for your customers by providing seamless shoppability with effortless add-to-bag.

How Important is Shoppable Content?

Keeping up to date with the latest social media and digital marketing trends is a constant challenge for retailers. Should you focus on Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? Snapchat? Your catalog? Your website? All of them?

In this era of instant gratification and short attention spans, it is imperative to offer a seamless experience to your customers across all media channels. Shoppable content simplifies the path to purchase – from content → to shopping bag → to sales.

If this isn’t on your radar, consider this: One of our clients, a major luxury department store, recently increased demand 62.5% — simply by making the products in their images shoppable..

Key takeaway: Consumers expect a seamless experience wherever, and however they shop. However the web often falls short — often showing beautiful images that inspire purchase, but that aren’t *actually* transactional. Winning retail brands are converting viewers into shoppers and simplifying the customer journey with content shoppability.

How are brands making content more shoppable?

Shoppable Content by Content Type

Source: Image from L2 Daily

Brands are making their content more shoppable (or “Visual Commerce”) by tagging their images, video and social feeds across all channels, making the purchase process a one-click endeavor. Here are just a few Visual Commerce Solutions to improve your brand’s shoppability:

Scan & Shop Image Recognition = Give your shoppers a smooth path to purchase from any physical image (think Catalog, Signage, Packaging or Magazine).

Digital Catalogs = Transform your existing catalogs or image assets into a dynamic digital catalog.

Lookbooks = Turn inspiration into transactions using digital lookbooks that leverage your lifestyle photography to communicate your brand’s culture, character and latest styles.

Shoppable Images = Convert all of your digital assets on your website, social media channels (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) from simple traffic generators into profitable revenue generating machines. Shoppable images convert traffic into sales.


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Effortless Shopping – Streamline the Path to Purchase

Shoppable Content Effortless Add to Bag Shopping

Imagine increasing your conversion rates by 200% or more. Picture the numbers when customers spend 2-3 times more money each time they visit your content. You don’t have to imagine it anymore. You can expect to see these metrics with visual commerce and shoppable content.

Those beautiful images on your website and social media channels? That’s just the start. As a result, when content is instantly accessible, easily shoppable, and effortlessly shareable, your numbers will multiply dramatically.

The attention span of the average shopper has diminished over time. Therefore, if the path to purchase with your content isn’t effortless — and instantaneous — your prospective customers may abandon the process before they buy.

With Syndeca’s Visual Commerce solutions, you can turn your beautiful images into transactions.


Click the image below and explore a few examples of Shoppable Images in action

Shoppable Content Example iPad


Next Steps

Now can you see the value of shoppable content? If you’re ready to deliver a seamless user experience across all digital channels, you’re in the right place. Simply Schedule A Demo to learn how your brand can start doubling conversion rates and tripling customer spend with shoppable content.

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