5 Brands That Are Totally Crushing Their Shoppable Lookbooks

Digital lookbooks are en vogue as more brands leverage lifestyle photography and video to boost engagement — and, along with it, conversion and average order value (AOV). The marketing tool’s rise to popularity makes total sense. It’s trending because it’s the medium most capable of creating a gorgeous customer journey that encourages shoppers to fall in love with products along the way, and provides them with a direct path to purchase them when they do.

Here are 5 brands with lookbooks that caught our eye — and what about them made us look twice:



Anthropologie provides customers with a selection of lookbooks to peruse, though theirs is laid out in a design reminiscent of traditional magazine with different image sizes adding visual appeal. Products are organized by clothing type (tunics, dresses, jackets, etc.) and material (florals and denims).

That said, Anthropologie’s lookbooks could benefit from a small but meaningful improvement: utilizing a hover treatment and product quick view capabilities to provide full product details and add to bag to customers without leaving the page. This would keep shoppers in the same window while they browse their options, facilitating a more streamlined shopping experience.




Arc’teryx encourages customers to imagine themselves living a wild adventure. Messaging and imagery highlights powerful figures brandishing their clothing as they endure the harsh winter elements. Action shots drive home the clothing’s role as protector of its wearer as athletes succeed in performing near superhuman feats. Customers are in for quite the ride as they scroll through their options, and can enjoy envisioning themselves as the fearless daredevil featured on their screen.



Bloomingdale’s gives customers a wide array of lookbooks to choose from, which allows it to successfully feature its vast offerings in a streamlined format that’s highly scannable. Lookbooks include a clear, catchy title that lets readers know in an instant if what they’re searching for might be available in that collection. And, once selected, each offers beautifully captured imagery within that genre that successfully inspire browsers to become buyers.




Nordstrom incorporates gorgeous photography along with experience-enhancing supplemental material to help users fully visualize themselves in their products. Customers can view beautifully crafted videos alongside detailed editorial features that describe the backstory of featured designer labels, complete with Q&As for those who really want to dive into the story behind the story. Shoppers can get more information — and even purchase products — without ever exiting the experience by simply tapping or clicking the items they like.



Ralph Lauren drives interest through emotion-evoking messaging by giving each featured outfit in this summer lookbook a specific occasion. This instantly provides context for the customer and also suggests the story of an excellent time enjoyed by the wearer — and the good times that will be had by themselves if they choose to purchase the perfect items for “cocktails alfresco,” a “summer Monday,” or a “Friday escape.”

While Ralph Lauren does offer links to the products featured within the images, a nice enhancement would be to link the items themselves. Without this functionality, sometimes the product links below get lost, and the product names alone aren’t specific enough for customers to be certain of which item is which without clicking through and checking.


What Makes Lookbooks So Compelling

Lookbooks empower brands to delight customers. They provide visually rich shopping experiences that feel more lifestyle focused, authentically build the brand, and allow people to further explore features about the products they love.

As an added bonus, digital lookbooks are both incredibly versatile and functional. Long form scroll means users keep scrolling (you can thank Instagram and Facebook for that), allowing for more engagement time. Limitless featured products and the right platform let brands showcase anything from video to shareable images to pop-up editorial content with a direct path to purchase without leaving the page.


Let Us Create Your Best Look

The software partner companies choose to create their digital lookbooks makes a huge difference in the finished product’s visual appeal, functionality, and maintenance requirements.

Syndeca-powered lookbooks can be customized to creative brand requirements, feature instant media load times with seamless checkout capabilities, and — unlike many of our competitors — don’t require expensive front end development work on your end. Our embedded code allows you to be up and running in a few minutes. Assets can be uploaded headache-free so that your team can focus less on the technical details and more on the content, engagement, and conversion rates. (And those can be quite impressive. When one luxury retailer partnered with Syndeca, they experienced a 200% lift in AOV alone.)

Go ahead and contact us when you’re ready to offer shoppers your own highly shoppable, media-rich masterpiece. It will be our pleasure to create a tool that truly shows off your style.

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