5 Brands That Are Totally Crushing Their Shoppable Lookbooks

Lookbook’s rise to popularity makes total sense. It’s trending because it’s the medium most capable of creating a gorgeous customer journey that encourages shoppers to fall in love with products along the way, and provides them with a direct path to purchase them when they do.

Brands are also realizing their ecommerce website can only be optimized for conversion so much — and that to inspire purchase, they need to leverage their editorial content, lifestyle photography and video to boost engagement — and, along with it, conversion and average order value (AOV).

Here are 5 brands with lookbooks that caught our eye — and what about them made us look twice:


Mignon Faget, a leading jewelry brand, showcases their jewelry with different outfits across multiple pages, apps, and lookbooks. They are taking on a more explorative, non-linear approach for their customer shopping journey: Giving customers a preview of various jewelry sets in different outfits and endpoints.

Customers get to hover over tagged products, see more details with a click (using the integrated quick-view) and add products right to their bags without having to leave the page. By reducing the number of pages and clicks to navigate through (by using an intuitive vertical scroll), shoppers easily view and add multiple products at once. Reducing the number of steps for the end-user provides a more seamless navigational and shopping experience.


Eddie Bauer’s Come Out And Play campaign is an absolute delight. When you land on this campaign, you see a video of kids wearing Eddie Bauer clothing and enjoying the outdoors. The landing page really comes to life with interactive product tagging and mini looped video demonstrations of the jackets: One folding into a bag and another demonstrating how a jacket may be reversed for either warmer or colder temperatures. It shows how the jacket can be worn and stored and doesn’t have to tell you how. The experience is charming and gives a playful-like aura, thus tying in beautifully with the Come Out And Play campaign.


Athleta’s fall catalog gives shoppers a preview of their latest product selections — as well as inspiring photos of women in the elements. Shoppers are presented with their latest collection as well as versatile athleisure items that can be used for travel, working out and on-the-go. We love Athleta’s use of the catalog to showcase their sustainability (high-tech, low impact), environmental activism and travel inspiration to build their brand just as much as they use it to sell merchandise.


White House Black Market customers get to seamlessly shop a beautiful fall catalog that doubles as a lookbook. The products are displayed at the forefront and the text and borders are minimized. Shoppers aren’t distracted by too much copy can instead appreciate the sizable viewing quality of the products throughout the experience. The products also come to life with integrated tool-tips and quickviews with instant add-to-bag. It’s a minimalistic, sleek, and chic viewing experience that fits everything together for a great customer experience.


Lumber liquidator’s newest lookbook is a beautiful mix of products, inspiration and video conveying how the fall season inspires a natural, timeless and refined look for your home. The lookbook also showcases several hardwood displays combined with multiple paint colors and furniture elements, so shoppers get to explore countless arrangements for various types of flooring installations. Get education, inspiration, and guidance as you navigate through the lookbook and discover which flooring types will work for your home.

What Makes Lookbooks So Compelling

Lookbooks empower brands to delight customers. They provide visually rich shopping experiences that focuses on a brand’s lifestyle and persona, authentically building the brand and allowing people to further explore the products they love.

As an added bonus, digital lookbooks are both incredibly versatile and functional. Long form scroll means users keep scrolling (you can thank Instagram and Facebook for that), allowing for more engagement time. Limitless featured products and the right platform let brands showcase anything from video to shareable images to pop-up editorial content with a direct path to purchase without leaving the page.

Let Us Create Your Best Look

The software partner companies choose to create their digital lookbooks makes a huge difference in the finished product’s visual appeal, functionality, and maintenance requirements.

Syndeca-powered lookbooks can be customized to creative brand requirements, feature instant load times with a seamless shopping experience, and — unlike many other solutions — don’t require expensive development work to get integrated, or to create lookbooks. The simple Syndeca embedded code allows you to be up and running in a few minutes.

Assets can be uploaded headache-free so that your team can focus less on the technical details and more on the content, engagement, and conversion rates. (And those can be quite impressive. When one luxury retailer partnered with Syndeca, they experienced a 200% lift in AOV alone.)
Go ahead and contact us when you’re ready to offer shoppers your own highly shoppable masterpiece. It will be our pleasure to give you the tools to truly show off your style.


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