Nordstrom Enhances Omni-Channel with Syndeca, AOV Lifts 164%

Omni-Channel Shopping Experience

Retailers who provide their customers with a seamless, omni-channel shopping experience see higher levels of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and purchase intent. With this in mind, Syndeca partners with clients to provide an optimized user experience across multiple channels and devices.

Omni-channel Shopping Experience

Nordstrom, one of the world’s leading retailers, enhances the traditional ecommerce experience with omni-channel visual commerce apps. These include shoppable lookbooks, catalogs, and mobile image search. Based on seasonal fashion trends, Nordstrom’s visual shopping experiences provide more than just inspiration. In addition, they extend customer engagement and reach across web, mobile, social and offline channels.

Nordstrom and Syndeca partnered to develop a case study which had come compelling results. The Syndeca-powered Nordstrom experience is consistently driving 164% increase in AOV. Furthermore, users who engage with Scan & Shop (our lightning-fast image recognition) are spending more than 500% versus average users during the same time period.



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