Scan & Shop | Image Recognition and Visual Search for Retail

Scan & Shop is powerful new technology that invites your consumers to get instant visual search results by simply snapping a picture. Now you can activate your advertising, catalog, coupons, and products, allowing your customers to scan them for detailed information, videos, reviews, links as well as add items directly to cart.

Here are some key considerations for selecting an Image Recognition or Visual Search solution:

1) Less waiting, more buying.

Customers will be scanning anything and everything — sometimes on-the-go. Mobile users are willing to wait an average of three seconds for a page to load — so make sure results meet or exceed this expectation.

2) Results-oriented, solution-driven.

All solutions are not created equal. When a user scans an image or item, what should their experience be? Some brands are looking for solutions that simply link users to a PDP. But think about the experience from the user’s perspective: what would help them complete the purchase? Typically, users want as much information as possible; watch a video, see ratings, reviews — visually similar items. Therefore, be sure the results you present users will provide them with rich results, not just a link.

3) Frustration-free.

Take the guesswork out of matching products. If there are multiple items in an image, each one should be independently accessible. Ensure the app is fast as well as accurate and you’ll delight customers and drive purchases.

4) Easy integrations.

With options on the market ranging from Open Source libraries to full-feature native applications and SDKs for top platforms — preparing your team for integration is paramount. Consider the importance of not only a site integration to supply product data, but also integrating the solution with all your consumer-facing apps, such as with SDKs for add-to-bag.

We’ve put together a free guide and comparison checklist to help you and your team evaluate solutions for Image Recognition. In addition, we also explore topics such as:

  • Build or buy
  • Watermarking or Image Recognition
  • What should be scannable
  • How much time is acceptable for users to wait for results
  • Search result accuracy
  • Results presentation
  • Future considerations

See our Ultimate Image Recognition checklist and get started today!  DOWNLOAD

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