Digital Catalogs Drive +308% Conversion Lift Over Average for Leading Fashion Brand

Sana Safinaz, Pakistan’s leading fashion brand for women, required a more streamlined path to purchase for their growing online customer base. They decided to leverage visually rich, highly shoppable digital catalogs, lookbooks, and Instagram feeds as a large part of their strategy to drive conversion rates.

While a solid plan on its surface, their initial attempts involved a combination of in-house tools and platforms from two separate providers. Consequently, load times lagged, the customer experience suffered, and valuable in-house resources were tied up with launch duties.

The brand partnered with Syndeca to overcome these obstacles. With Syndeca, Sana Safinaz was empowered to produce digital catalogs, lookbooks, and Instagram feeds on a single, intuitive platform that required minimal internal resources. As a result, conversion rates skyrocketed.

Syndeca-Powered Digital Catalogs Are Now the Brand’s Strongest Conversion Path

After the launch of Syndeca-powered digital catalogs, analytics revealed a sharp spike in conversion rates. Compared to the brand site average, Sana Safinaz customers who engaged with the digital catalogs during their journey converted at a 308% higher rate. This high success rate made the brand’s digital catalogs their new strongest conversion path.

Additionally, the platform paved the way for faster load times, cost reductions for technology and internal resources, and a vastly enhanced customer experience featuring the same intuitive UX across all visual marketing mediums. In other words, their partnership with Syndeca enabled Sana Safinaz to accomplish their business objectives — and then some.

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