Syndeca-Powered Lookbooks Drive 62.5% Increase in Spend for Major Retailer

It’s no secret that shoppable lookbooks drive engagement and encourage customers to buy more products. But did you know there are two simple things you can do to increase their effectiveness?

In a recent study Syndeca learned that simply linking every product with a direct path to purchase increased demand 62.5%. And, streamlining publishing can increase creative output and save valuable IT and marketing resources. That’s why retailers that want a cost-effective way to increase engagement and customer spend choose Syndeca as their solution to create lightning-fast, shoppable lookbooks without coding.

62.5% Increase in Customer Spend, Reduced Cost and Time to Market

A nationwide luxury department store needed a long-term solution to efficient lookbook creation. The brand had been launching lookbooks in-house, but the time and effort required of their internal marketing and IT teams for each launch had begun to limit their effectiveness in other priority areas.

The retailer partnered with Syndeca, and benefited from a dramatic increase in efficiency. Shoppers visiting the Syndeca-powered experiences spent 62.5% more on average than those who shopped lookbooks developed in-house (which did not include Syndeca’s product-level tagging for shoppable images). The icing on the cake? The retailer’s Syndeca-powered lookbooks launch in half the time of a typical project — with a 60 percent reduction in development costs. Learn more about the Syndeca platform today!


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